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Corey Tobias Staff Photo

Course Descriptions 

Course Title: 6th Grade Physical Education

Instructor: Corey Tobias

Course Description:Physical Education classes are designed to include a variety of team and individual activities.  A primary emphasis of PE classes is the development of personal fitness and active lifestyle goals.  Students will learn to assess their own fitness, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.  Beginning strategies will be practiced and developed for team and individual sports.  Students will be expected to practice proper competitive personal and social behaviors as outlined in standard 4 of the state standards (appropriate etiquette, play by the rules, respect opponents, exhibit good sportsmanship).  Appropriate warm-up and conditioning activities are provided for each activity.  Participation is required and is a critical part of individual success.  Students must wear clothing that is loose and conducive to indoor or outdoor workout sessions, as well as sturdy athletic shoes.

Major Projects: Pacer test, fitness testing, mile run.

Scope & Sequence By Term: 

Fall Term: Soccer, ultimate frisbee, flag football, volleyball, backboard bombers, team hand ball, cardiovascular fitness.

Winter Term: Basketball, speedball, kickball games, indoor soccer, bowling, cardiovascular fitness.

Spring Term: Badminton, pickle ball, floor hockey, lacrosse, softball, cardiovascular fitness.

Key Concepts/Standards:  Students will be expected to gain an understanding and demonstrate progress in each area of the 6th grade Oregon state physical education standards.  


Course Title: 6th Grade Wellness

Instructor: Corey Tobias

Course Description:  The 6th grade wellness class is an elective course which students can take for 1 term (12 weeks).  The class will focus on the physical and mental health and well-being of middle school age students.  The class will be hosted in the classroom as well as a gym setting, and possibly outdoors depending on the weather.

Major Projects: Students will take part in various physical activities designed to keep them physically active and fit.  This could include wellness walks, bicycling, cardiovascular exercise, workout/dance, organized games and activities.  Students will also study various topics surrounding physical and mental health.  These topics may include non-smoking education, getting enough sleep, healthy eating/portions, heart health, brain health and education, concussion awareness, and leading an active lifestyle.

Key Concepts/Standards:  Students will be expected to gain an understanding and demonstrate progress in each area of the course.  This class will cover some of the Oregon state standards for 6th grade physical education and 6th grade health.  


Course title: 6th grade Recreation Games

Instruction: Corey Tobias

Course Description: 6th grade recreation games is an elective class where students will be able to spend time on various games and activities which can be enjoyed throughout a students entire life.  Many of the activities are enjoyed by groups and families across the globe, and this course will teach the basics of many of these games.  This is a one term (12 week) elective class which student may take for one term of the school year.  This class is taken in addition to the regular 6th grade physical education class, and while there may be some overlap in activities, the focus of this class is on separate activities not covered in P.E.

Major Projects: The class will focus on one game or activity for 1-2 weeks while students analyze and improve their skills and strategies in various areas.  Games and activities may include such favorites as bowling, volleyball, juggling, dance aerobics, disc golf, and various yard games such as bocce ball, croquet, ladder golf, cornhole, and lawn darts.  Activities will vary based on weather and equipment availability.

Key concepts and standards:  Students will focus mainly of standard 2 of the Oregon State PE standards for 6th grade.  Students will be expected to apply an increasingly advanced knowledge of tactics, strategies, and principles related to movement and performance.