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Daniel Floyd Staff Photo

Course Descriptions 

Course Title: 8th Grade Social Studies

Instructor: Dan Floyd 

Course Description:

Social Studies 8th grade (1.0 credit) is a year long class. Students will examine American history, culture, government, geography, and economics from the American Colonies to the Civil War.

Major Projects: 

Several projects will connect to this course: Grandparent reports, Revolutionary storyboards, and others at the teacher’s discretion.

Scope & Sequence By Term:

Trimester #1: Exploration & Colonial America, Independence & The American Revolution
Trimester #2: The U.S. Constitution & The New Nation
Trimester #3: Manifest Destiny, Westward Expansion & The Civil War


Course Title: History of Rock n' Roll

Instructor: Dan Floyd

Course Description: From blues to hip hop, this trimester-long elective course will explore the roots, development, and future of rock & roll music, as well as related popular music genres. It is a class rich in multi-media and focuses heavily on musical analysis as well as studying music in context of the times it was written & recorded.

This is a single-term class. Students will be enrolled for one term only.