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Jeremy Hirsch Staff Photo

Course Descriptions 

Course Title: 6th Grade Language Arts

Instructor: Jeremy Hirsch

Course Description:

The 6th grade language arts class is a balanced literacy program aligned with the National Common Core Standards. Students are challenged to improve in the areas of reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and listening. Students will read a variety of fiction and non-fiction sources including novels, short stories, essays, and poems. They will create written responses which cite evidence to support claims.

Major Projects: 

Textbook: Common Core Code X

Scope & Sequence By Term:

T1 -Argumentative writing; Short story and fiction analysis, 'City of Ember' novel study, small group novel study with differentiated novels.
T2 -Informative writing, nonfiction analysis, 'Tuck Everlasing' novel study, and small group novel study.
T3 -Fictional writing, 'The Giver' novel study, and small group novel study with differentiated novels. .


Key Concepts:
Using text evidence when providing answers to text-based questions.
Increased vocabulary.
Reading fluency, stamina, and comprehension.
Writing with purpose.
Writing in different modes.