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Jeremy Hirsch Staff Photo

Course Descriptions 

Course Title: 8th Grade Social Studies

Instructor: Jeremy Hirsch

Course Description: Students in 8th grade Social Studies will examine American history, culture, government, geography, and economics from the earliest inhabitants to the Second Industrial Revolution.  

Major Projects: Oral History Project: Generations (formerly Grandparents Report)

History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism

Scope & Sequence:

  • Unit 1: Exploration & Colonial America

  • Unit 2: Independence & The American Revolution

  • Unit 3: The U.S. Constitution

  • Unit 4: The New Nation

  • Unit 5: Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion

  • Unit 6: North & South Sectionalism

  • Unit 7: The Civil War

  • Unit 8: Reconstruction & Industrial Revolution

Oregon Social Studies Standards (click link)