Tuesday August 22nd from 8:00am-2:00pm


Wednesday August 23rd from Noon-7:30pm


Broadway Middle School Supply List

Required Supplies

·        Blue or black ink ballpoint pens & 4x Packs of #2 pencils

·        4x college rule spiral notebooks

·        4x folders with pockets

·        3 ring binder

·        2x highlighters of different colors

·        5x Dry erase markers

·        Pencil top erasers

·        Box of facial tissue for 1st Period Class

Suggested Additional Items

·         Colored pencils

·         Washable Markers (Sharpies/Permanent Markers are NOT allowed)

·         Ruler

·         Glue stick

·         Small calculator

·         Hand Held Pencil Sharpener

Additional Supply Information

Ø  Teachers may request additional supplies for students during the year.

Ø  Backpacks are used for travel to and from school only. They are not allowed in the classrooms. All students will be provided with their own locker.

Ø  No electronics are allowed during school hours (cell phones, I-Pods, games, etc.).